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Things to do in South America

• Iguazu Falls is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Though it is not very tall 285 ft/87 m, but quite impressive. It is taller and wide than Niagara fall. It is entitled as world’s most beautiful and admirable waterfall. It is surrounded with national parks in both countries.

• Salar De Uyuni is in Bolivia and it is world’s biggest salt flat which is stretched in 4,086 sq mi (10,582 sq km). Dates back this salt desert was covered with water and a number of pre-historic lakes were lying here. However after long time, the lake have disappeared and left with this amazing spot. This unusual spot attracts thousands of travelers every year.

• Torres del Paine National Park is one of the stunning attractions of South America, located in Patagonia Chile. The landscape of the park varies from glaciers to mountains, rivers to lakes and high peaks to dramatic skyline. It’s a perfect destination for hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, mountaineering, horseback riding and sailing. The landscape offers plenty of routes to experience mountaineering, hiking, etc.

• The Pink Sands Beach is found at small island of Bahamas. The pink color of the beach attracts vacationers and here tourists can enjoy sunbathe and swimming at warm crystal clear water. It is the most unusual beaches in the world.

• Amazon River is one of the nicest places and home to more than one-third of world’s animal species. It enables vacationers to catch hold the natural beauty as well as diverse species of animal.

Best Time to Visit South America

The vast size and different altitudes of multi country – South America contrasts which means it doesn’t have single best time to visit South America. But the months of September and October offers a good balance at diverse places. It is must for vacationers to look the best time of the country they are visiting, as it truly helps to enjoy tour. One can book cheap flight tickets of South America’s country at Dial4Travel. Here, vacationers can easily get cheap flights ticket to South America. Some of the popular airlines to South America are American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, Aeromexico, Air France, KLM, United Airlines, etc. One can also get cheap airfare deals for each of these airlines.

Cheap Flights to South America

South America is 4th largest continent in the world. It comprises of 12 independent countries, 3 major territories. It is located on western hemisphere. It has an area of 17,840,000 square kilometers and it is surrounded with beautiful snow capped peaks, towering volcanoes, lush rainforests, bone-dry deserts, misty cloud forests, red-rock canyons, sun-kissed beaches, blue glaciers, etc. These natural wonders makes South America a must visit destination. While exploring the continent, tourists will get to know about cultural treasures which include colonial towns, indigenous markets, traditional dwellers, etc. These experiences will add more fun in vacationer’s tour.

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