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Things to do in Middle East

• Desert Skiing will be an ultimate experience for vacationers. You might have experienced snowy skiing in Switzerland, but Abu Dhabi offers you a great experience. Here vacationers will find a wide range of slopes that are especially recommended to beginners. But keep in mind, the desert scorches at 40°C.

• Durrat Al Bahrain is the epitome of Middle Eastern luxury. There are approx. 15 man-made horseshoe and fish shaped islands located that lies off the South coast region of Bahrain. Here tourists can enjoy a relaxing day, as the lavish villas and comfortable eateries points are located at diverse places. Frozen chocolate shake is recommended.

• Pyramids in Egypt are one of the Seven Wonders of the World and people love to explore them closely. This natural beauty catches the eyes of many travelers from every nook and corners of the world.

• Istanbul is a cultural hub and here vacationers can witness Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque which were built dates back in fifteen and seventeenth century. Tourists can also enjoy belly dancing performance of professionals while exploring the place. Don’t miss, buying the carpets of the place as souvenirs.

• Turkey is a great place to explore the cotton castle and mud houses. The mud houses are made up of caves of dates back. It certainly stuns vacationers and makes travelers feel like visiting again and again.

Best Time to Visit Middle East

It has observed that the best time to travel in Middle East is Spring and Autumn i.e. March to May and September to November. In order to visit in these seasons, vacationers must find cheap flight tickets at Dial4Travel. Travelers may get low airfare deal on diverse airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, KLM, Royal Jordanian, etc. The cheap flights to Middle East will bring you nice discount on your travelling budget.

Cheap Flights to Middle East

Located in between Western Asia and Egypt, Middle East is a transcontinental region. It is the birthplace of diverse religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahai. The successive conquests and rule of diverse empires have shaped the culture of the region. It is world grand epic of history. It is a beautiful yet complicated land to understand, but exploring it is always a pleasure.

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