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Things to do in Indian Ocean

• Maldives is one of the great attractions of Indian Ocean as it enables tourists to take wonderful experience of underwater activity, which is served by world-class coral team. While experiencing the underwater activity, one can closely witness the marine life. Underwater is the real standout beauty of the place and one must experience it in any form. Also take pleasure of luxury hotel and food.

• Mauritius is again a wonderful place to get astonished. The shimmering sandy beaches, lush green beauty, high mountains, corals and beautiful waterfalls of the place offers natural playground to vacationer. Right from swimming with dolphins to trekking and waterfalls, there are a number of options to get indulged in between. One can also learn about Hindu Culture. So, experience great food, luxury accommodation at cheap price.

• Seychelles is a group of 115 Islands and it lies to south of the equator. Its timeless beauty comprises with lush wild forest, translucent sea, diverse flora and fauna, incredible wildlife places.

• Zanzibar, Tanzania is an exotic place where one can experience the blend of natural beauty, mix culture and cuisine as it is built upon Indian, Portuguese, Omani Arabic, and African heritage. Stone town is historic center and it is widely popular as UNESCO world heritage site. Exploring its Labyrinthine streets and souks is worth visiting.

Best Time to Visit Indian Ocean

The best time to visit Indian Ocean is different according to the region, so it is advised to look for the best time of the particular destination where you are visiting and later plan for tickets. Get cheap flight tickets to Indian Ocean at Dial4Travel. There are a number of cheap airfare deals are available for vacationers, so look for the same. The cheap flight tickets to Indian Ocean will save a big amount of money.

Cheap Flights to Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is the world’s third largest oceanic division which covers approx. 70,560,000 km2. It is surrounded with Asia on north, Africa on west, Australia on East and Southern Ocean on south. It is named after India because it is located near Indian Peninsula. It is the youngest major ocean. Suez Canal in Egypt and the Strait of Malacca in between Malaysia and Indonesia are the two most popular waterways in Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean is the home to many endangered sea species such as turtles, seals and dugongs.

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