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Things to do in East Africa

• Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania is a beautiful place to explore. The vast plain of Serengeti stuns vacationers with its nature’s beauty, power and mystery. The fresh grassland is one of the nicest attractions. Tourists can even experience wildebeest. One can witness hunting lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals and more.

• Mt. Kilimanjaro is a great mountain that catches the eyes of vacationers and compels them to experience hiking. It is world’s freestanding mountain, where tourists can witness the natural habitat. Tourists can experience hiking as well as trekking. It is world’s spectacular place to spend time.

• Zanzibar Island offers you cheap trip to East Africa’s coastline. So, get ready to catch beautiful sunset of the East Africa coastline. Here tourists can visit to Stone town – which is an Ancient place. Here tourists can enjoy snorkeling, sea kayaking, scuba diving, diving with dolphins, etc.

• Lake Nakuku is a beautiful Lake in East Africa, where travelers can view the scenic beauty as well as flamingos. One can check out beautiful birds, hippos and crocodiles as well. One can also enjoy the cruise at many other Lakes dotted nearby Nakuku.

• Explore ancient heritage sites and museums that truly complete the tour of East Africa. It also enables vacationers to get in touch with the earlier civilization and culture.

Best Time to Visit East Africa

Every month of East Africa is pleasant to visit, but it is important where you are visiting in the region. To explore the region closely get cheap flight tickets to East Africa at Dial4Travel. People can easily get cheap flight tickets of East Africa of diverse airlines such as Air France, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, etc. You may get a best airfare deal for East Africa tour.

Cheap Flights to East Africa

East Africa in literal way will be called as easterly region of the African Continent. It is widely popular as planet’s most popular corner of the world. It is blessed with beautiful landscape, wildlife, nature, islands, beaches, and captivating cultures. It is truly beautiful and amazing place to live in and explore. One should not miss chance of visiting here as it will be a wonderful experience for you. Be it African Safari or experiencing fascinating human culture, every experience leaves a lasting impression on the travelers. The wilderness of the place is at its best and one must experience it on their East Africa tour. There are a number of airlines that takes you East Africa, so book cheap flights to East Africa at Dial4Travel. Reach East Africa and get indulge in between diverse things to do of the place.

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